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Principal G S Gurung_edited.jpg

Principal G S. Gurung

In his care, our school finds a guiding light.

Spanning two decades of wisdom, nurturing with unwavering might.​

Guiding hundred hearts, young and bold.

12 years of steadfast grace,

To every child Our Principal lends a father's embrace.

Needup Bhutia

In the library's hush, he lights the path,

A mentor in code, in knowledge vast.​

With gentle care, he guides each with care,

A Teacher, a hostel guardian rare.

Needup Bhutia.JPG
Yubika Chettri Teacher.JPG

Yubika Chettri

A gentle heart who nurtures little ones so bright,​​

She weaves dreams in their eyes, each day and night.

Hussell Zangpo Bhutia

He teaches tales of lands and human roots, 

Maps unfold with stories untold, beyond the village's gloom.

Hussel Zangpo Bhutia.JPG

Prativa Tamang

To Her numbers dance and gleam,

She guides young minds with a mathematical dream.

Prameela Rai

With endless stamina, her gentle hands guide hearts so small

In a village school where laughter unfurls, she is loved by all.

Pramila Rai.JPG
Sangita Gurung Teacher.JPG

Sangita Gurung 

She weaves Nepali tales, Her words, like rivers, pure and free,

Guide young minds through the language of beauty.

Micheal Rai

Guiding young minds to reach for galaxies,

He ignites stars in the eyes, driving curiosity with science.

Michael Rai.JPG
Som Kumar Bishwakarma.JPG

Som Kumar Bishwakarma

Every meal he cooks with care and heart so true, 

He serves the children joy, with health in every stew.

Sonam Bhutia

In the village school, she nurtures tiny hearts with grace,

Her patience blooms like flowers in a playful nursery's embrace.

Sonam Bhutia.JPG
Dechen Ongmu Bhutia.JPG

Dechen Ongmu Bhutia

In the village's heart, where numbers dance and words bloom,

She weaves English tales and guides Math's cosmic loom.

Nisha Rai

She tends little hearts with love's sweet grace

Her motherly care and nurturing hands in embrace

Nisha Rai Care Taker.JPG
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