Beronika Chettri
Class: 3       DOB: 12/11/11
Ashis Gurung
Class: 4       DOB: 21/12/08

An incredibly intelligent and witty girl. She is the leader of her class and takes her duties responsibly. She is a very responsible and polite girl with an aptitude for learning new things.

Ans Gurung
Class: 2       DOB: 29/12/12

With an imaginative mind and shy demeanor, Shriya is a wonderful and smart kid. She loves to dance and participate in drama. Shriya loves to play with other kids in the hostel .

Emon Gurung
Class: 2       DOB: 23/03/12
There are more kids we would like to introduce you to.

Sampana Rai
Class: 4       DOB: 07/04/10

​​Fearless and incredibly intelligent, Angkit is poised for great success in life. Always eager to learn new things, Angkit is every teacher's dream student; eager and armed with sharp wits.

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​​​​​​​Bubbling with energy and incredible cheer, Ashis is a delight ful and very funny kid. His eagerness to learn, answer questions and crack a joke is unmatchable.

A bright girl with a love for reading, She is at the top of her class. Her sweet and polite demeanor make her a teachers delight in the classroom. Outside the classroom, she is quite a curious and talkative child who loves to play with her best friends.

She is a cute bundle of infectious energy. She is an intelligent kid wi th a high inclination for learning about everything new, be it new words or a new app on a teachers mobile. Bright , affable and abundantly cute, she has promising future ahead of her.

Ayusna Gurung
Class: 2       DOB: 07/03/14

​Funny and happy go lucky kid. Intelligent, funny and witty, Prajal is a promising kid with an easy demeanor to help him go places.

The spend per annum per child for for books, clothes, food etc. is INR 40,000.
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Shriya Gurung
Class: 3       DOB: 07/12/08
Dawzang Lepcha
Class: 2       DOB: 20/12/08

A cute, shy and incredibly innocent girl. She is very intelligent and quick to learn new concepts. She likes to play with her classmates Chang Lamu and Phur Lamu. Her favourite game is skipping rope.

Angkit Sherpa
Class: 4       DOB: 07/12/08

Sawala is a promising young child, a shy one with a real polite demeanor. Responsible and cute as a teddy bear, she is an adorable kid with good character. Friendly and always eager to help other kids in her class.

He is a shy and playful kid. One of the quiet ones in class 1, Emon is a well balanced and curious child. Smart and intelligent he likes to
sing rhymes and solve math problems.

He is a responsible and intelligent kid. He loves sports and football is his favorite game. He is a very good athlete and can be seen doing backflips and somersaults with other "cool" kids of the school. He is a high accumen and picks up things quickly.

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Prajal Subba
Class: 4       DOB: 16/06/11
Phur Lamu
Class: 3       DOB: 17/07/10

A playful child with one of the sweetest smiles. Quiet and little mischievous Akriti is fun and easy going. She is one of the students who will surprise you with her wit and disarm you with her smile.

A active child with a curious mind, Phur Lamu is full of questions about everything. Her natural intelligence makes it easy to grasp new concepts. A natural leader, Phur Lamu helps the classroom maintain discipline and encourages her friends to answer the teacher.

Prakriti Gurung
Class: 4       DOB: 23/01/09

He a curious and mischievous lad. Good in studies and almost always responsible. Ans likes to learn about new things. He also likes to sing rhymes out aloud and having a go at
the school swing.

Akriti Gurung
Class: 3       DOB: 27/10/11

Shy with a quiet and easy demeanor, Sampana is a smart kid who loves playing with her classmates. Her favorite
timepass is playing on the swings.

Swala Rai
Class: 3       DOB: 13/12/11

Incredibly cute and curious, Prakriti is a fun loving girl with an interest in arts and drama. She likes reading and is fond of fantasy stories.

Anisha Gurung
Class: 3       DOB: 02/03/11
Chang Lamu
Class: 3       DOB: 13/08/11