He is a quick learner when he wants to and is armed with quick wits. Mischievous and prone to goofing around, Mingur is an easy going and fun loving kid.

The spend per annum per child for for books, clothes, food etc. is INR 40,000.
To sponsor any of these children write to us at sikkimacademy@gmail.com
telling us which one you whould like to support.
Dorjee Ongdi Sherpa
Class: 5       DOB: 27/07/07

There are more kids we would like to introduce you to.

Ayusha Gurung
Class: 4       DOB: 01/09/10

Nisha is a quiet and shy girl. She loves dancing and playing football. She is quick to grasp new concepts and is eager to learn about new topics.

Ankit Gurung
Class: LKG       DOB: 05/05/06
Sonam Sherpa
Class: 5       DOB: 05/06/06

Ayush is a mischievous kid much like the rest of his class. However he is a responsible kid with an intelligent mind.

He is one of the most responsible students of the school. Inherently smart and quick wittted, Sonam likes to play football and watch movies.

Fondly called Owngdi by everyone, Dorjee is a fun loving and smart kid. He loves playing
football, dancing and hanging out with his friends.

A zestful young girl who loves cracking jokes and laughing her heart out. One of the most animated kid of SHA and an equally bright kid. She is definitely a cracker of joy wrapped in a small body

Manjila is a fun loving, studious girl with a love for dancing. She is smart, responsible and very active in co-curricular activities.

Roshni Tamang
Class: 5       DOB: 24/02/06

One of the quietest kid in the whole school, Nikash is a very shy kid. However he is a fun
loving and smart kid and learns quickly.

Tashi Doma Gurung
Class: 5      DOB: 14/10/14

She is a fun loving and smart girl. She is eager to learn, loves singing and taking care of the smaller children in the school.

Phungnaam Subba
Class: 1       DOB: 09/04/12

Phungnam is one of the most notorious kids of the school and a room without him in it feels relevantly quite and incomplete. He adds sparks in everything and everybody by his glowing smile that reaches all the way to his eyes.

A cute and polite boy with one of the sharpest minds. His looks can definitely deceive you for being a quite boy but once he opens up to you, a mischievous but respectful face is revealed.

Rosna Rai
Class: 5       DOB: 30/05/07

He is an intelligent and fun loving kid. He loves playing football and draws like a pro. He is quick to learn new concepts and eager to apply himself.

Rosna is an incredibly diligent and intelligent girl. She loves playing outdoor games, dancing and watching movies.

Indra Bahadur Pradhan
Class: 5       DOB: 06/10/07
Rohan Chettri
Class: 5      DOB: 22/09/07
Manjila Gurung
Class: 5       DOB: 30/07/08
Nikash Gurung
Class: 5       DOB: 02/06/09
Mingur Sherpa
Class: 5       DOB: 22/10/07
Ayush Rai
Class: 5       DOB: 16/11/08
Imit Lepcha
Class: 1       DOB: 17/10/13

She is a naughty and incredibly cute kid. Armed with quick wits and an intelligent mind, Tashi is going to go places.

Nisha Gurung
Class: 5       DOB: 11/01/09

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He is a very mischievous kid. With razor sharp wits and intelligence beyond his years, Indra Bahadur is one of the smar test kids in his class.

A fairly new student of SHA, with an extremely quite personality but an equally loud laughter. She has immense potential for her age and can imitate you in no time

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