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This one is a eager learner, quick to pick up things and finish her work in class. She is kind and sweet and accomodating of all the kids in her class. She loves her rhymes.

Yanzum Sherpa
Class: LKG       DOB: 10/08/14
Rezwan Chettri
Class: LKG       DOB: 22/07/14
Payal Pradhan
Class: LKG       DOB: 09/04/16

She is an incredibly bright student. She likes to sing rhymes and play with her friends. She is also sensitive and loves to be the on top of her game or else gets upset.

Cheemay Sherpa
Class: UKG       DOB: 09/03/14

A studious child, Samiksha has a very neat handwriting. She is also fond of drawing and loves to sketch small flowers she sees in the garden. She plays with her best friend Alestina both at home and in school .

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This little cherub is the apple of everyone's eye at the school from students, teachers and volunteers alike. He an embodiment of innocence with a hint of mischeviousness.

Pema Choeden Sherpa
Class: LKG       DOB: 14/08/15
Manisha Gurung
Class: UKG       DOB: 15/01/15

A mischievous young lad with an innocent smile, Lavish is very fond of singing. He is also very good at studies and is a favorite with most teachers.

Pranay Subba
Class: LKG       DOB: 09/08/14

This little doll is all smiles and takes to a friendly face very easily. She is the kid that comes and just hold on to your hand to walk with her or just sits on your lap if she takes to you

He is a very shy child and takes time to open up. His favorite subject is English and he looks forward to learning something new everyday. Cute like a panda, he is of ten seen playing with his classmates.

Yogen Pradhan
Class: LKG       DOB: 27/03/16
Peesilla Gurung
Class: LKG       DOB: 16/10/14
Ganga Maya
Class: UKG       DOB: 15/10/13

He is a shy and pretty quite boy in his class. Getting him to participate in class is a challenge but when he responds you learn he grasps concepts well.

Lavish Gurung
Class: UKG       DOB: 10/05/14

The little girl who rocked the stage with her rendition of Bollywood number “Chum Chum”, Ganga Maya loves to sing and dance. She is fond of singing the latest Nepali numbers. She is good at rhymes and even likes to draw. A helpful person by nature, she is quick to help her friends.

Rezwan is a frail child with petite frame. He is silent and of ten lost in his own dreams. As the year progressed, he has made friends and now plays with everyone in class.

Manisha is silent but loves to learn new rhymes. She is very calm in class. She also loves watching short videos with her teachers. Her neat handwriting and sweet voice make teaching her a very pleasurable task.

He is a little bundle of energy. His cute smile captivates one and all. He loves to dance and make funny faces.  His neat handwriting is a delight to read. He is not only good at studies but also helps his friends in their homework.

There are more kids we would like to introduce you to.

He is a very active child and is a little ball of energy jumping all over the classroom. His favorite class is Games and he looks forward to playing outdoor games with all his friends. He is very good at games.

Prajjal Gurung
Class: UKG       DOB: 13/05/15

This angel smile with her eyes. She happy go lucky attitude and constantly smiling face go hand in hand with her eagerness to learn.

The spend per annum per child for for books, clothes, food etc. is INR 40,000.
To sponsor any of these children write to us at
telling us which one you whould like to support.
Samiksha Gurung
Class: UKG       DOB: 14/10/14
Sion Rai
Class: LKG       DOB: 06/10/15
Anna Subba
Class: LKG       DOB: 09/05/15
Rehan Gurung
Class: UKG       DOB: 29/03/14

She is a cute little angel face but very mischevious and stands her place in the playground against any kid. She is a keen learner and loves her rhymes.

The munchikin has a quizzical expression on his face all the time. He does not say much unless asked but he is quick to learn and knows a lot more than he pretends not to.