Alfred is very fond of cars and is often found drawing one in his book. He is also a very kind and considerate child and shares all his sweets and toys with his friends.

She is a wonderful and mischievous child. Unfortunately her parents are separated and don't take any responsibility for her and so she lives with her grandparents, leaving Gracy to fend for herself.

She is a incredibly affable and bright girl. She is part of the innocent bunch in her class and adds to the cute quotient of her class. She likes to play, dance and sing rhymes with her classmates.

Serena Gurung
Class: 1       DOB: 14/08/11

He is one of the brightest student in his class. Winner of the first ever weekly star system at SHA, he does well in all his classes. Funny, naughty like everyone in his class, Ujjwal has bright future ahead of him.

He is good at dance and is quick to shake a leg at a fast Nepali number. Ayan is also fond of learning nursery rhymes. A sweet voice and a cherubic smile makes him quite popular.

Thinlay Lepcha
Class: 2       DOB: 29/01/10
Gracy Gurung
Class: 1       DOB: 08/02/14

He is a curious child with questions about everything under the sun. He is tough, with great character and high sense of his own self. Energetic, naughty, instantly likeable, Sandup is an intelligent and fun kid.

Sristi Gurung
Class: 1       DOB: 12/02/14
Ayushna Gurung
Class: 1       DOB: 15/03/13

​He is one of the cutest and most innocent looking kid of the school. Thinlay can bring the house down with his funny antics. Not conversant with Nepali, he quickly grasped English and Nepali with a breeze.

Alfred Gurung
Class: UKG       DOB: 07/11/14

There are more kids we would like to introduce you to.

Alestina Rai
Class: UKG       DOB: 31/07/14

She is a cute little bundle of energy. Intelligent, curious and funny, Iccha is a bright, playful kid.  She and Yangtsho are best friends, always planning their next mischief.

Mijal Limbu
Class: 2       DOB: 17/07/10
The spend per annum per child for for books, clothes, food etc. is INR 40,000.
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Tashi Doma Sherpa
Class: 1       DOB: 23/10/12

Alestina has the looks of an angel and the demeanor to match it. She is always neatly dressed and loves to dress up in pretty frocks. Her calm nature makes her a delight to teach. She is usually at top of her class.

Yangtsho Gurung
Class: 2       DOB: 09/07/12
Sriya Baraily
Class: 1       DOB: 12/09/13

She is  one of the quietest student. A happy go lucky girl who likes to dance and sing along rhymes, Serena is innocence personified. Being the older one in her class, she is responsible and blends in perfectly in her class.​

He is a quick learner and loves to play around with his friends. He shines through in his class with good character and his ability to learn quickly.

Sandup Sherpa
Class: 1       DOB: 05/07/12
Puran Chettri
Class: 1       DOB: 23/07/11
Iccha Gurung
Class: 2       DOB: 05/03/13
Ujjwal Gurung
Class: 1     DOB: 10/03/12

She is mischievous, naughty and incredibly bright student. She likes to sing rhymes and play with her friends. She can be shy if you ask her to dance to a popular Nepali tune.

Ayan Gurung
Class: UKG       DOB: 08/09/14

She is a very intelligent and playful child. In a class where most students are very bright and are equal measures naughty, Yangtsho shines in her class with her quick wits and playful demeanor.

She is a shy girl with a hint of an aloof cuteness that can disarm the most guarded person. Shriya loves to dance, paint and watch movies. She is the quiet one with hints of mischievous behavior that adds to her cute and shy personality.

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She is cute little bundle of effervescent energy. Intelligent and impressive with her rhymes, she is an affable child. Intermittently naughty and usually eager to learn, she is a bright and witty child.

​​​​​​​​He is the unofficial leader of his class. He as a sharp mind and quick wits. Always upto some mischief, Mijal is one of the three musketeers from his class along with Dawzang and Thinlay.

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