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Dear well wishers

Sikkim Himalayan Academy was started in the year 2003; the goal of the Sikkim Himalayan Academy is to provide good educational opportunities to the children of the region who are not able to attend public schools. Many families, especially those in remote areas, simply cannot afford to send their children frequently to distant public schools, making places like our Academies vital.

The Sikkim Himalayan Academy is a school that offers education and living opportunities to underprivileged children from remote areas of Sikkim. The curriculum at the school is based on the standards of the Indian education system; other than that local culture and languages are also emphasized.

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Perched on the slopes of the Himalaya in an ancient Buddhist kingdom, the Sikkim Himalayan Academy provides education, encourages personal development and creates a home for some of the poorest children in the region.

These children come from financially challenged families and are used to having very little. Their behaviour in class is good and they are motivated to learn and are hard working. They are very happy and friendly and usually polite and uncomplaining. They wear school uniform and change after school, although they have few clothes and flip flops which are normally their only things even in the very cold weather.

They own very little, no toys, no TV, radio or music but singing and playing drums and other homemade instruments are popular. They use whatever they find in the surrounding environment to play with and make up games. They also help with chores like collecting firewood and wild fruit, vegetables and nuts. They care for themselves and each other and friendships are most important to them. They rarely fight amongst themselves. They feel very lucky to be in school and to be learning English. They study here in Sikkim Himalayan Academy till class 5th standard. After finishing Sikkim Himalayan Academy most of them will have to go to local govt. schools. If they get opportunity to attend good private schools for further studies it will be really helpful to build a bright future for them and one poor family will be able to overcome their challenging life.

Your support in this context can make a huge difference in the lives of these not-so-fortunate children. Sponsoring a child will give them a chance and courage to dream of a bright future that will truly be better than their present. Your support can bridge the gap between a life of despair and the joy of a healthy and happy future.

Thank you.

G .S Gurung
Sikkim Himalayan Academy
Buriakhop west Sikkim

Contact no +919733441923