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Sponsor A Child

On the off chance we couldn't get you to contribute to one of the different expense brackets we have, you can still sponsor one of the many kids at the school.

​At the moment we spend an amount of
INR 40,000 per annum.Click here to find out more.

School Trip

Once a year we would like to have the opportunity to take the kids out on a trip to see the local sights. We would like to collect fund for this separately if possible.

​At the moment we spend an amount of
INR 50,000 per annum.

Be A Patron

Fund Us

Contingency Fund

In the event of a serious medical emergency, some environmental calamity or in case we do not receive adequate funding for the year, we want to maintain enough funds to be able to have a solution to over the situation at hand.

​At the moment we spend an amount of
INR 3 lakhs per annum.

Educational Expenses

These include the yearly distribution of books & uniforms to the kids and the stationary requirements in order to run an functioning classroom with adequate learning tools.

At the moment we spend an amount of INR 2 lakhs per annum.

Maintainence Expenses

These include general repairs and painting for the upkeep of the school building, repairs of electronics and extensive repairs during the near zero winters.

​At the moment we spend an amount of
INR 1.20 lakhs per annum.
To be a patron write to us at
and tell how you want to help or go to our Donate Now page 

Every contribution counts and here is how you can help us foster a brigter and better future for all these kids.

We currently have 69 students from LKG to Grade 5 of which 24 students receive full boarding and housing with meals. In addition to this we also have 6 students who live in the hostel and study in grade 6-12 in the local government high school. The day scholars are given a mid day meal. As most of the students come from families in the low income bracket education, housing, food, uniforms/clothes & books are all provided for free. In doing so we need almost 26 lakhs per annum to make ends meet and provide a safe and happy environment for the kids.

Here is how you help us pave the way for these kids:

Hostel Expenses

These include the clothes, bedding, linen, laundry, toiletries, kitchen utensils and medical expenses for the 30 odd kids that are provided with a safe living environment in the school.

At the moment we spend an amount of INR 2 lakhs per annum.

Operational Expenses

These include the rent for the building the school uses at the moment, the procurement of provisions to provide meals and snacks to children, the payroll of the 11 member staff team and general expenses like electricity etc.

At the moment we spend an amount of INR 1.65 lakhs per month.

Expansion Plans

We hope to move into a bigger place and take on more students.

​At the moment we looking for someone to partner with us long term to make these plans a reality.