The school is situated on steep forested slopes amid a small community of family farms. The tough terrain and extremely harsh weather pose a lot of challenges for the school but the team of highly dedicated teachers, who give almost 24 hours every day, makes sure the children get the best education possible.The students (all girls and smaller boys) stay in a make-shift hostel (picture below) which is in fact the attic of the classrooms, under the tin roof. The bigger boys stay in a separate room inside school premises.

Unavailability of space and other resources (including doctors as well as dedicated teachers who are willing to come and teach), making it extremely difficult for the school to reach out to more number of children.

During monsoons and winters it gets even more difficult, with rains making the terrain tough to commute and the near-zero temperature making it difficult for everyone to work.

About Us

In March 2003, the residential school was founded by some local Sikkimese teachers with the help of a few volunteers and its doors were open to its first 20 students. In the coming years the school has provided education to about 80 to 100 children every year, each from a very challenging family background, starting from class LKG till grade 5. Along with academics, the students are actively involved in artistic, musical and cultural activities. The school places great value on Sikkim’s heritage, and recognises its role in practising and preserving traditional culture.

Children are selected entirely from the poorest family background and no personal recommendation has ever been entertained. The admissions are open only for the class of LKG and we usually do not take in siblings from same family in order to reach out to more families who are in need. In the event we do take in siblings then the parent is expected to pay a minimal fee for one child in order to instil a responsibility at their end.

Every year after the applications for new admission come in, the financial background of each family is thoroughly examined first so that the ones who really need free education get the opportunity. 

​​Our mission is to provide free education as well as daily care to the children in need from the remote mountains of Sikkim. We work everyday relentlessly towards the growth and happiness of the students.
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Challenges faced

Selection of children